Applications for the food & beverage sector

Air handling

The processes involved in Food & Beverage applications are those typically relating to food systems (food processing, wine transformation, etc.). Within this context, the air handling units have certain specific requirements calling for dedicated models.

The main aspects of this type of application include:

– the quality of the air, which is vital for guaranteeing the hygiene conditions of the whole process

- the system and equipment used must not constitute a source of bacterial contamination; effective maintenance and cleaning must therefore be ensured

- the system and equipment used must be able to work in the relative process temperatures, limiting the condensation phenomena that are detrimental to hygiene

– service continuity based on redundant technical solutions and the overall reliability of the air handling units

– continuous control of the hygrothermometric parameters , maintaining optimum conditions for the processes and thereby guaranteeing the good quality of the end product

The specialized support of FAST in the context of Food & Beverage plants takes the form of units, designed in agreement with the designer, with the following main measures dedicated to the application:

- flat internal surfaces, as free as possible of sharp corners so as to facilitate the cleaning, sanitisation and sterilisation of the parts - internal materials resistant to the various treatments, without the formation of corrosion - a casing with a very low air loss, to ensure a hygienic air flow - wide choice of filtering systems, including active sanification systems or with UVC lamps. For HEPA filters, we can provide “DOP Test” certification for the sealing system inside the air handling units. - availability of efficient driven dehumidification systems (e.g. with a twin rotor and an adsorbent wheel regeneration system) or humidification systems - efficient washing liquid discharge and drainage systems - Plug & Play solutions with an electrical and regulation panel assembled and wired on the machine, to minimise the on-site work that could jeopardise the hygiene characteristics of the units.

Products for the Food & Beverage sector

FM-Food & Beverage - Air handling units

FM - Air handling units

RFM N1-N8 - Air handling units

RFM 09-16 - Air handling units

RFM 17-23 - Air handling units

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