FM - VDI 6022

Air handling unit

Air treatment
Air flow rate from 1,000 to 100,000 m3/h
Product characteristics

The FM VDI 6022 units have been certified as meeting the strict requisites of the German standard VDI 6022 (Hygiene requisites for ventilation and air conditioning units), recognised at international level.

Units complying with the technical guidelines of this standard must respect specific sizing criteria and be made using approved materials and components. The construction choices and, more generally, the whole production process are such as to facilitate their cleaning, reduce internal microbial proliferation and ensure good resistance to the detergents and disinfectants used during maintenance work.

The main characteristics of this certified range are, for instance: access sections allowing all the components, panels and draining tanks to be easily inspected and cleaned, to ensure the quick drainage of water even during the sanitisation phases.The certification process was carried out by Eurocertifications Srl, Italian partner of TÜV Hessen in Germany.

Air handling applications