Selection software

Selection software

FAST's innovative HVAC&R selection software packages make selection and configurations quicker and easier.On the basis of the air conditioning system begin designed or set up, these software packages allow the most suitable features to be viewed, chosen and configured in a quick, user-friendly manner.

The software users can take advantage of an internal selection support service provided by dedicated technicians who can help resolve any problems. Training courses are also organised, to explain the potential of the software and the continuous updates made to it.

With the “SELECTOR” software, you can size the heat recovery units, roof top units, fan coil units and dehumidification/air treatment units for swimming pools.

The program can be downloaded from

During the installation, a code made up of 5 groups of letters/numbers will be automatically generated. To activate the software, send the “Selector activation request” form to You will then receive an email with the software activation keys.

FastNET 2.0 (Aircalc)
The “FastNET 2.0” configuration software is dedicated to the air handling units. It's a powerful sizing tool that's a real design aid for the professionals in this sector. Thanks to an intuitive interface and a step-by-step approach to the selection of the components, after making the required selection the user will have a performance data sheet, a description of the specifications, the psychrometric charts, a detailed dimensional drawing and a preliminary cost estimate. The software is distributed in stand-alone form, but it can be regularly updated via the web.

With the latest software evolution, the professional can complete the configuration of the air handling unit with regulation and control elements; in this way, the unit becomes a “plug & play” solution.