Nationwide support

Nationwide support

FAST is aware that the support for its products can't stop at the time of the sale. The immediate identification of any problems– thanks to technical expertise– and quick interventions mean the customer is supported throughout the lifecycle of the products, which are becoming more and more technologically complex.

All this is made possible by a nationwide assistance organisation (Technical Support Centres coordinated by dedicated HQ personnel), regularly updated by the company by means of specific courses.

The aftersale service can:

  • provide qualified technical assistance for the products
  • organise and implement the start-up of the units installed, making sure they're operating properly
  • guarantee the availability of spare parts for the product components
  • carry out on-site inspections to verify the installation conditions beforehand
  • arrange visits and scheduled maintenance tasks on the basis of the customer's needs
  • provide assistance and information about the remaining warranty time and any possible extensions
  • provide technical documentation for products installed some time ago

If you need assistance for any of the products, please contact:
+39 0429 806311

NB: you will need to provide the article code, the address of the installation site, and the reason for the request