High energy efficiency air handling units for ventilation, dehumidification, heating and heat recovery in wellness areas.

Dehumidification and treatment of swimming pools
Air flow rate from 16,000 to 25,000 m3/h
Product characteristics

The AlfaMax units represent the ideal solution to grant comfort conditions in medium-large wellness areas, spa, fitness centres, swimming pools, sports centres, etc. The unit combines a heat pump and an heat recovery system composed by a double plate and cross flow exchanger, specifically optimized to minimize the energy consumptions. The main function of the unit, which is supplied as a "plug & play" machine, is to dehumidifie the served ambience and at the same time to grant the temperature conditions. The unit can be equipped with an efficient heat exchange system on the water side, which is necessary to partially heat the swimming pool water without additional costs. The frame and all internal components are designed to guarantee the maximum resistance to corrosion.

Air handling applications