Heat recovery unit with yield above 90%

Heat recovery
Nominal air flow rate from 790 to 4,250 m3/h
Product characteristics

The main features and functions of the unit are:

  • heat recovery from the exhaust air using a high-efficiency aluminium plate heat recovery unit with countercurrent exchange. The heat recovery unit has a yield of over 90%, EUROVENT CERTIFIED;
  • filtration of the air flows (high-efficiency for the fresh air flow);
  • plug fan ventilation with EC electronic control motor with low power consumption;
  • design aimed at reducing the overall value of the Specific Fan Power;
  • free cooling/heating to make full use of the favourable conditions of the outside air;
  • antifreeze function in the winter season;
  • complete control of the ventilation, thermoregulation with advanced energy saving functions;
  • integration of the necessary power using a wide range of accessories;
  • Plug & Play installation logic (internal or external installation) with capacity to interface with BMS systems

Thanks to an air flow rate that ranges from 200 m3/h to 4600 m3/h, HRF is ideal for use in offices, cafés and restaurants, meeting rooms, shops, school buildings, gyms, retirement homes, etc.

Air handling applications