Applications for the pharmaceutical sector

Air handling

Mechanical systems for the pharmaceutical sector are usually configured as process systems..

Pharmaceutical processes requirewide variability in the air treatment solutions: from the production of the medicines themselves, to the filling of the blister packs and the washing of the systems, not forgetting the control and testing phase carried out in clean rooms with an extremely high level of biocontainment.

The processes are also particularly delicate as the pharmaceutical products, often in the form of powder, tablets and so on, are very sensitive to moisture. If the hygrothermometric conditions are not perfect, the substances will suffer in terms of quality and effectiveness, or will deteriorate prematurely.

The main aspects of the systems in question are therefore:

– high quality of the air, (sterile conditions, pure air and the right degree of moisture)

- a guarantee of service continuity based on redundant technical solutions and the overall reliability of the air handling units. These systems cannot allow any machine downtime, due to the high costs that would be involved.

continuous control of the hygrothermometric parameters maintaining optimum conditions for the processes.

The FAST specialised support takes the form of units designed (in accordance with the engineer) with the following main expedients for the specific application:

- flat internal surfaces, as free as possible of sharp corners so as to facilitate the cleaning, sanitisation and sterilisation of the parts
- internal materials resistant to the various treatments, without the formation of corrosion
- a casing with a very low air loss, to ensure a hygienic air flow
- wide choice of filtering systems, including active sanification systems or with UVC lamps. For HEPA filters, we can provide “DOP Test” certification for the sealing system inside the air handling units.
- availability of efficient driven dehumidification systems (e.g. with a twin rotor and an adsorbent wheel regeneration system)
- efficient washing liquid discharge and drainage systems
- possibility to use fans with 100% backup operation
- certification of the hygiene characteristics as per German standard VDI6022
- Plug & Play solutions with an electrical and regulation panel assembled and wired on the machine, to minimise the on-site work that could jeopardise the hygiene characteristics of the units.

Products for the pharmaceutical sector

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