FM - Food & Beverage

Air handling unit

Air treatment
Air flow rate from 1,000 to 100,000 m3/h
Product characteristics

The units of the FM Food & Beverage range are purposely designed for use in the brewing and wine-making sectors or, more generally, in the food sector – both production sites and food conservation and storage. These units have to undergo sanitisation procedures using disinfectants that may have an aggressive effect on their internal materials and components.

The possible options are noble materials like stainless steel, or special painting on fans and/or other components such as the heat exchanger coils. These units can also be fitted with special filters to minimise the microbial level in the delivery air. The control logic of these devices is fundamental for guaranteeing air hygrothermometric conditions that maintain the stability of wine or beer fermentation processes, or the ageing process of items like cheese.

Air handling applications