continuous growth goals

The industrial culture

FAST is a company that can boast a 30-year history, but that sets itself continuous growth goals both in Italy and abroad. It capitalises on the legacy of experience, knowledge, market awareness and attention to the customer's needs, which are fundamental characteristics of the Giordano Riello Group – a pioneer in Italy in the air conditioning field.

As part of the Group, FAST has access to significant synergies and a whole range of technical, production and marketing experience of immense value.

The machines and their components are tested in ground-breaking laboratories, so customers can be 100% confident about the efficiency of the product they're purchasing.

The corporate quality certifications (Vision 2000 and ISO 14001) and product certifications (Eurovent and VDI 6022 first and foremost) provide an absolute guarantee of the maximum attention paid to the quality of the work in every company department. Special care is given to personnel training for each production phase, with the aim of ensuring excellent specialisation..

Customer satisfaction

FAST's goal is to come up with precise, prompt answers to its customers' needs..
This is done by providing innovative configuration software packages for the personalised choice of machines (also used by the sales network, and by those involved in the design of air conditioning systems) along with technical training and customer care tools.