Thermodynamic recovery unit with integrated heat pump with inverter compressor

Heat recovery
Nominal air flow rate from 1,100 to 3,200 m3/h
Product characteristics

The main characteristics and functions of these units are:

  • thermodynamic recovery: the unit uses exhaust air as an energetically advantageous source for the operation of the cooling circuit. The absence of a static plate-type heat recovery unit also enables savings in the power used to overcome the pressure drops in the unit itself.
  • ventilation efficiency
  • inverter compressor: the use of this type of variable speed compressor allows the unit power to be continuously modulated, without any waste. In terms of benefits, this means greater comfort for the people in the room thanks to the adjustment of the delivery temperature, and reduced consumption above all in partial load operating conditions.
  • advanced adjustment logic

The unit can be integrated in the direct expansion and hydronic systems during both summer and winter operation.The typical applications for these units are in the service sector (offices, cafés/restaurants, waiting rooms, changing rooms, etc.), where they must only be installed horizontally and indoors.

Air handling applications