Applications for the hospital sector

Air handling

Mechanical systems at the service of hospitals represent a significant design challenge. This is mainly due to the high degree of complexity of the systems also bearing in mind that rooms in the same hospital building may have very heterogeneous needs for air treatment (just think , for example, to the different needs of an operating room compared to a waiting room).

The main aspects of the systems in question are therefore:

- air quality which is of significant importance to ensure the health conditions of users

- in relation to the volumes of the structures and the high need for replacement, huge quantities of air are moved and therefore the energy aspect is absolutely a priority to be taken into consideration. It is therefore a question of relying on a partner that produces specialized products that also has the best technology to reduce energy consumption throughout the plant.

- the certainty of performance of the products inserted in the system is another essential feature as often vital functions are entrusted to the air treatment

- the guarantee of continuity of service of the units must be ensured by redundant technical solutions and by a general reliability of the products themselves.

In the context of systems for hospital buildings, FAST specialised support takes the form of units designed (in accordance with the engineer) with the following main expedients for the specific application:

- flat internal surfaces, free of sharp edges as much as possible in order to facilitate the cleaning, sanitizing and sterilization of parts
- fully accessible components for maintenance and cleaning
- internal materials resistant to various treatments , without the formation of corrosion phenomena
- casing with very low air leakage to guarantee the hygiene of the air flows
- wide availability of filtration systems, including active sanitization systems and with UVC lamps. For HEPA filters it is possible to provide the "DOP Test" certification of the sealing system present in the air handling units.
- possibility of using fans with 100% backup operation
- certification of the hygienic characteristics according to German standard VDI6022
- plug & play solutions equipped with electrical panel and regulation mounted and wired on the machine with the aim of minimizing work on site that could compromise the hygienic characteristics of the units.

Products for hospital applications

FM-Hygienic - Air handling units

FM-VDI6022 - Air handling units

FM - Air handling units

FM-Surgery - Air handling units

FM Control - Air handling units

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