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ABB factory (Milan)

ABB's historic production site in Vittuone, in the province of Milan, has witnessed the Group's development over the past fifty years.
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Sportvillage Sports Centre (Cuneo)

A unit of the Alfamini 060 range was chosen for the 100 m2 swimming pool of the sports centre. Apart from the dealing with the fresh air, dehumidification and heating needs of the ...
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Wellness Centre S. Felice (Verona)

The supply concerns the covered swimming pool at the exclusive "S.Felice" Sporting Club in Val d'Illasi, near Verona. The Fast unit of the Alfamini range was ...
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Pharmaceutical company Procemsa (Turin)

The premises of the long-established PROCEMSA pharmaceutical firm are covered by three air handling units of the FM range, purposely designed to ensure the necessary hygrothermometric treatment.
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NHN Corp Leed Platinum (Seoul)

Thanks to its innovative units, FAST made a definite contribution to help the NHN building in Seoul obtain LEED PLATINUM certification. FAST is proud to have supplied its primary air handling ...
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Manetti & Roberts Plant (Florence)

The Italo-British company L.Manetti H.Roberts & C., better known as Manetti & Roberts, is a leading Italian company in the production of care articles for the medical care of ...
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St. Euphemia Clinic (Gorizia)

The FM-H air handling units were the ideal choice for guaranteeing the comfort and hygiene of the air in the hospital buildings ...
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CIOS Fitness Center (Netherlands)

A FAST FM-154 air handling unit was installed in the CIOS Fitness Club in Arnhem, in the Netherlands.
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Careggi Hospital (Florence)

Extension work on the building complex for teaching and research in the Careggi biomedical pole - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, to produce the Core Research ...
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Borgo Trento Hospital (Verona)

A job order worth €1.2 mln for air handling in the new surgery pole of the Verona hospital After supplying the air handling units ...
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Amada office building (Piacenza)

An Etamax 160 unit (with an air flow rate of 16,000 m3/h) was chosen for the air conditioning system of the futuristic AMADA office block. The Etamax unit, with twin heat recovery unit and cooling circuit with inverter compressor, stands out for its very limited ...
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