Applications for the theatre sector

Air handling

The mechanical systems designed for entertainment structures (cinemas, theatres, concert halls and other similar places) have certain specific requirements that call for dedicated air conditioning units.

The main aspects of this type of application include:

- acoustic : the reduction of the sound emission values ​​of the machinery, combined with a careful design of the air distribution system, is of fundamental importance to ensure the performance of the shows without compromising listening.
- thermohygrometric well-being and air quality : the structures for the shows are designed to accommodate many people (high density of occupancy, high crowding) and therefore it is necessary to provide high air exchange rates to keep levels of CO2, VOC and contaminants in general within the limits
- air purification : to contain energy waste related to air exchange and to limit the spread of viruses and pathogens in general, it is of fundamental importance to provide sanitation systems that allow a greater quantity of recirculation air to be used safely.
- partialization of the systems according to occupancy: often the structures are o multifunctional (need to partialize the air treatment according to the occupied areas) or the same area may have discontinuity of occupation (need for spare parts according to the actual crowding)

In the context of systems for entertainment structures, FAST specialised support takes the form of units with the following main expedients for the specific application:

- availability and competence to study the best acoustic solutions for air conditioning units: identification of the most suitable casing, the least impacting noise sources (generally fans) and passive containment systems (silencers and / or acoustic barriers). All with the possibility of testing and testing at the Group's acoustic laboratories.
- flexibility in the construction of the units to adapt to narrow passage spaces or cramped technical rooms (theaters are often subject to plant redevelopment but the architectural structures are subjected to historical constraints)
- availability of all possible systems for recovering energy from expelled air to transfer it efficiently to the fresh air
- effective air quality monitoring systems (CO2 and VOC )

Products for theatre applications

FM-Theatre - Air handling units

FM-Low Noise - Air handling units

RFM N1-N8 - Air handling units

RFM 09-16 - Air handling units

RFM 17-23 - Air handling units

RFE - Air handling units

FTA - Air handling units

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