High energy efficiency air handling units for ventilation, dehumidification, heating and heat recovery in wellness areas.

Product characteristics.

AlfaMini units are the ideal solution for guaranteeing comfortable conditions in small/medium-sized wellness areas such as spas, wellness centres, small swimming pools, sports facilities, etc.
The unit combines a cooling circuit with a system to recover sensible and latent heat originating from the humid air expelled from the various premises, and therefore provides optimal levels of reduction in energy consumption. The main function of the unit (which is of the “plug & play” machine variety, meaning that it is ready to use), is that of dehumidifying the air while simultaneously ensuring that the temperature and humidity conditions of the environment are controlled.
The unit is equipped with an effective waterway free-heating system to be used to partially reheat pool water at zero cost.
The structure and all its internal components are built to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance.

Air handling applications.