Applications for the swimming pool sector

Air handling

The particular characteristics of the environments such as swimming pools, wellness centers and fitness centers require plant solutions and specific air treatment systems in such a way as to obtain maximum energy savings with the needs of environmental comfort.

The systems, generally of the all-air type, are in fact characterized by being highly "energy-intensive" or have a very high energy requirement : estimates indicate that the cost of the energy necessary for the operation of the pool can also reach 35% of the total management costs.

Environmental comfort and the well-being of the people must be ensured by adequate dehumidification of the rooms, normally obtained by expelling the internal air and replacing it with fresh air.

It is also important to take care of the air distribution system minimizing the speed of the air at the level of the tank (maximum 0.1 m / s) in order not to have excessive evaporation.

It is also essential very accurate climate control : even small deviations can lead to a significant increase in energy consumption.

In the context of systems for swimming pools, FAST specialised support takes the form of units designed (in accordance with the engineer) with the following main expedients for the specific application:

- wide availability of exhaust air heat recovery systems (plate, rotary, round-around-coil recuperators)
- internal materials resistant to the chlorinated atmosphere, without the formation of corrosion thermal break to minimize condensation phenomena
- modular design of the envelope useful to meet the adaptation needs for swimming facilities to be renewed
- possibility to complete the unit with a refrigeration circuit dedicated to energy recovery transfer of the same to the pool water
- plug & play solutions equipped with electrical panel and regulation mounted and wired on board the machine with the aim of minimizing the work on site that could compromise the hygienic characteristics of the units.

Products for swimming pool applications

FM-Pool - Air handling units

ALFAMAX - Air handling units

ALFAMINI - Air handling units

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