The reliable partner for the future

Experts in production and quality

FAST is a flexible partner experienced in the production of top-quality units for air conditioning systems.
The company is recognised by the market as one that aims to respect its customers' needs by offering good solutions with added value.

Its bespoke products, complying with all the standards envisaged by the current regulations, are the result of highly innovative projects designed for centralised systems in the HVAC&R world.

remember the past
Since 1990

The plants at Montagnana (province of Padua) cover an area of 18,000 sq.m, 1,600 of them for offices and services.The sophisticated manufacturing equipment, kept constantly up-to-date to ensure technical product development, allows all the most significant parts of the air handling units to be made on-site.

The growth of the brand, the success of its products and the demand from the market led FAST to extend its catalogue in the air conditioning sector, where it now has a comprehensive selection ranging from air handling units to roof top units and heat recovery units.