CIOS Fitness Center (Netherlands)

A FAST FM-154 air handling unit was installed in the CIOS Fitness Club in Arnhem, in the Netherlands.

The work, carried out by our local distributor, was of particular technical interest owing to the type of rooms involved and the performance required of the unit.

The need for air renewal meant the unit had to be sized for an overall flow rate of 15,000 m³/h, 1,500 m³/h of which is fresh air. Specific silencers were fitted on the two air flow lines, to limit the noise level.

The call for reduced energy consumption led to the choice of a rotary heat recovery unit able to recovery energy from the exhaust air and add it to the fresh air.

The unit was designed, according to the most current system requirements, with a refrigeration circuit integrated into the heat pump capable of combining dynamic energy recovery with the contribution of the rotary recuperator . The circuit includes 4 scroll compressors for a total of 4 capacity steps that allow the FM control unit to adjust performance to specific thermal loads.

The control and adjustment panel completes the unit, which therefore comes as a single "package" offering clear advantages in terms of more simple installation and less space needed..

This overcomes the problems of classic installation situations, where it is often particularly difficult to put together the air handling units, adjustment devices and liquid chillers or condensing units on the worksite. In this case, the adjustment devices were installed directly in the FAST factory, allowing the clean lines typical of the FM air handling units to be maintained.