Borgo Trento Hospital (Verona)

A job order worth €1.2 mln for air handling in the new surgery pole of the Verona hospital

After supplying the air handling units for the brand new Mestre hospital, Fast was chosen to supply the machines for the Verona hospital in Borgo Trento. The new surgery complex will have 520 beds and 32 operating theatres.
The hospital is a ground-breaking feat from the architectural and plant engineering point of view, and will be fitted out with FAST air handling units boasting special technical characteristics to meet the strict project requisites.

This important new customer represents another step in the company's highly positive growth trend.As managing director Paolo Gasparini explains, «We've recently won a number of significant contracts to supply the air conditioning for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the above-mentioned hospital in Mestre and for numerous Russian hospitals where we're installing the same machines as in Borgo Trento. These customers» adds Gasparini proudly, «further reinforce the already excellent results of company growth.»