High energy efficiency primary air handling unit with rotary hygroscopic heat recovery unit, active thermodynamic recovery and indirect adiabatic cooling.

Primary air treatment
Air flow rate from 4,000 to 25,000 m3/h
Product characteristics

HygRoMax units are the epitome of technological innovation when it comes to the treatment of primary air. The HygRoMax range is purposely designed to minimise energy consumption during operation, as this accounts for about 80% of the entire Life Cycle Cost of an air handling machine. The twin heat recovery system (rotary hygroscopic heat recovery unit and heat pump) together with the humidification system bring the air to the required conditions for emission into the room with the minimum energy wastage. Free cooling and free heating are possible in the intermediate seasons thanks to advanced rotary heat recovery unit management taking full advantage of the free heat available from outside. The HygRoMax range fully complies with the provisions of standard EN 1886 as far as mechanical resistance, air leakage and thermal/acoustic shell insulation is concerned.

Air handling applications