High-efficiency primary air handling unit with active thermodynamic recovery and indirect adiabatic recovery.

Primary air treatment
Air flow rate from 4,000 to 25,000 m3/h
Product characteristics

The units of the EtaMax series represent the maximum expression of the technological innovation in all fresh air handling. The EtaMax series has been specifically designed in order to reduce to the minimum the energy consumptions during operation, which represent about 80% of the whole Life Cycle Cost (L.C.C.) of an air handling unit. The double heat recovery system (static and active) and the innovative evaporative cooling and humidifying system allow to bring the air to the desired supply conditions into the room with the minimum energetic consumption. The presence of a total by-pass damper allows the free-cooling in the intermediate seasons, taking the maximum advantage of the free thermal loads of the external air. The EtaMax series is manufactured in full compliance with the EN1886 norm for what concerns the mechanical resistance, the limited air leakage, the thermal and acoustic insulation of the casing. 

Air handling applications