Air hygiene according to FAST

The current Coronavirus pandemic has required significant changes to lifestyles and habits linked with the use of closed areas.

From the viewpoint of air treatment, this means a switch from the old idea strictly connected with the mere comfort of the room (temperature and humidity parameters) and IAQ (plus the CO22 and VOC control parameters) to a new concept focusing on the health and hygiene of the rooms themselves.

The new reference parameters used when designing HVAC systems, especially those for critical contexts such as hospitals, are now the reduced concentration of allergens, bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms that are harmful for human health in general.

FAST, with its 30+ years of experience, can actively contribute to the goal of reducing viruses thanks to:
- Disinfection systems using UVC lamps. The effectiveness of this sanitisation method with regards Coronavirus is sustained by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) studies
- Active sanitisation systems using devices with a photocatalytic effect
- Electrostatic filters
- Absolute filters

All these systems can be perfectly applied in the new air handling unit certified in accordance with the hygiene standards laid down by the German regulation VDI 6022.