FM - Data Center Line

Air handling unit

Product characteristics.

The FM Data Center Line units are designed in collaboration with the major groups of the digital technology market.

Data centers are usually structures of considerable size, accumulating a huge computing capacity on servers which, for reasons of data security and availability, are redundant. Redundancy and the guarantee of operation in certain temperature conditions are aspects that play a significant role in the sizing of this type of unit. For the same reason, the regulation logics must also be such as to ensure that the conditions are respected so the servers can operate perfectly even in the event of faults or routine/extraordinary maintenance. Data centers are highly energy-intensive, so the energy efficiency aspect also plays a leading role for the so-called ecological footprint of theentire data center+server+air conditioning system complex.This is the context that the FM Data Center Line was developed in, where the units must be perfectly calibrated in both aeraulic and regulation terms.

Air handling applications.