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In recent years, the growing data exchange request at world level has led to the huge and continuous development of data centers. IT air conditioning systems, which were already used for critical applications, have therefore seen a constant increase in the density of the thermal load to be disposed of.

The main aspects characterising systems for data centers can be summed up in the following points:

- the servers use a great deal of energy that's transformed into heat. This heat has therefore to be removed in an efficient way to help keep the data center PUE as close as possible to 1. PUE is the “Power Usage Effectiveness” – a parameter that measures the bearing of the electricity used for IT equipment compared with accessory services such as air conditioning.

- operational continuity has to be guaranteed, 24/7. This is ensured by good system design (ensuring the correct redundancy of the units) and the reliability of the system components.

- the systems have an increasingly modular and flexible nature, so they can manage foreseeable surges in data processing density.

In the context of systems for data centers, FAST specialised support takes the form of units with the following main expedients for the specific application: - personalised design of the air conditioning units according to the requested plant engineering needs - maximum energy efficiency, obtained thanks to the aeraulic optimisation of the units (verified with advanced CFD simulation programs) - the absolute certainty of performance levels, monitored by means of supervised witness tests carried out in the Group's test chamber (the largest in Europe) and with the official test report consigned to the customer - personalised development of the logics of regulation, online integration and unit backup - completion of the regulation and control system with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switching) devices for the critical components - maximum reliability, availability of spare parts and prompt identification of any problems thanks to an advanced diagnostics system - personalised, dedicated documentation for on-site assembly - scheduled maintenance plans

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